Reaching Commercial Investors, Buyers, and Sellers in Rowland Heights

What’s in Rowland Heights today?  Today a group of agents in Rowland Heights discovered how they don’t have to be passive with their

Michael Simpson Shares Commercial Marketing Strategies

Michael Simpson Shares Commercial Marketing Strategies

Commercial Marketing Businesses

In every market there are people looking to buy, sell, and invest in commercial property.  Quite often most people miss the opportunity as they haven’t created systems to allow those in need of commercial real estate help to find them!

Today in Roland Heights I had the opportunity to share with a number of agents how they could beat the market and get those interested in commercial property contacting them.  No more chasing people, no more counting on referrals, no more “hoping” a lead will call you.  In a power-packed event, I shared with agents how they could put systems IMMEDIATELY into action to generate more business.

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the live event, here are some of the highlights of what was shared.

  • Marketing Message – How to create a message that attracts the most SERIOUS of commercial prospects.
  • Laser Targeting with the Grid System – Why just sending out a sales letter or direct mail campaign to any list is a waste of time!  They discovered how they can put the Grid System into action for their business.
  • Be Specific – Agents discovered how someone looking for La Habra Commercial Properties for Sale is much different than someone who is looking for nearby Walnut Commercial Properties for sale.  Do you know which commercial properties move the fastest in your niche markets?

This is just a sampling of what we were able to share with eager agents who attended the LIVE and FREE event.  When you would like to find out more about my upcoming events, simply fill out the contact form or call us today 562-961-1410 to reserve your spot at the next event.

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