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Can’t make it to one of our Live Training Events? Access the live recordings now and watch online, just like you were there — live and unedited. Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.

1 Day Introductory Course – Emphasis on Working with Buyers:

Learn the language of the investor so that you can get the appointment and NOT BLOW it working with them!

In this course, learn how to get the appointment, what to say at the appointment, how to analyze Commercial & Investment Real Estate,  how to understand & calculate terms such as… GRM, Cap Rate, ROI, ROE, expense & vacancy factors, get scripts and most importantly… how to use them to MAKE BIG MONEY and much more!!! Not eligible for CEU Credits.


3 Day Course – With Emphasis on Working with Sellers:

In this recording, Michael delves into the secrets that make massive money, and he shares with you all of his strategies for building YOUR VERY OWN personal GRID system for getting listings in detail.

This event is recorded “live as if you were there” and he includes all of the criteria, marketing pieces, scripts and techniques that he personally uses to obtain massive amounts of CRE Seller Listings.  Michael loves listings; He loves taking them, talking about them and sharing secrets to managing them. He was taught from the beginning to be a listing agent & has taken hundreds of thousands of listings. He shares several tips and strategies that he has learned with you so that you too can list to last.  He shows his  unique approach for targeting, marketing, breaking down barriers, and utilizing return on equity (ROE) concepts so that YOU too can get MORE COMMERCIAL LISTINGS and make MORE BIG MONEY! Not eligible for CEU credits


Top Agent Panel Mastermind 2016

Watch this live panel as if you were there & learn first hand how these top agents got started. All of these agents started off with NO experience in commercial real estate and are now closing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Commercial/Investment Real Estate. In this information packed panel discussion, they share… HOW and WHERE To find properties that are NOT ON THE MARKET, how to get a seller to agree to list with you, pay you a fair commission and much more.  Approximately 240 minutes.