What topics are covered in The Ultimate Guide to List & Sell Commercial/Investment Property – Introductory / One Day Course?

Course Description:

*This course is a prerequisite to the 3 Day Intermediate Course

An introduction to Commercial Investment Real Estate, this course helps strengthen the skills of agents that are specializing in income property and commercial / investment sales.
Students will learn the language of the investor, how to calculate cap rates, gross rent multiplier’s (G.R.M.) and set up sheets. They will also learn how to calculate return on investment (R.O.I.), vacancy, and expense factors.

In addition, they will learn how to analyze and determine value using the income approach, how to do a rent survey and the impact of market rent vs. actual rent on the value of the asset.

They will also learn:
• What to say (and not say)
• What to ask (and not ask)
• How to get commitments from the investor non-specific criteria (i.e. I want something that makes sense, I want cash flow, I’m looking for something with upside potential, I’m looking for something that pencils out etc.)
When they attend this action packed training event, they will discover how to clearly clarify what these things mean to the most important person saying them………..”The investor”.
Just a few of the topics covered will be….
How to get the appointment, what to say at the appointment, how to analyze commercial investment real estate, scripts, how to calculate grm, cap, roi, roe, expense & vacancy factors and most importantly………
How to use the formulas and language to effectively to separate yourself from everyone else so that you stand out, get business and get paid!

Agents will also learn:
• How investors make buying decisions
• How to analyze commercial investment property
• How to know what it’s worth & determine value
• Understanding the cash flow model
• Methods to compare properties
• How to find investor clients
• How to communicate with commercial brokers using language that they will recognize which will increase your response rates.

S.Y.S.T.E.M.S (Save Yourself Time Energy and Money), a powerful tool that provides attendees with strategies for finding, converting and being more effective with Commercial Investment Clientele is introduced in this course.