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Bruce Mena is a Commercial Real Estate Coach and Realtor experienced in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. Focusing on income property, development, mixed use, retail and office, he is a shortsale and foreclosure specialist with over 17 years in the industry. He holds the National Commercial Real Estate Advisor and Certified Real Estate Investment Planning Specialist designations. A success-focused professional, Bruce has studied many of the world’s greats in sales success and personal & professional growth (which is something that he encourages his students to do as well), Bruce loves coaching and adheres to the life principle “no one wins a championship on their own.”

Prior to becoming a Commercial Real Estate Coach and Realtor, Bruce was in Government Contracting for years, a career path which formed at the young age of 21 when he got a telemarketing job selling to government entities. An exceptionally disciplined individual who demonstrates mastery of how to stay focused on your career goals even while dealing with personal tragedy and all of those moments when ‘life happens’ you can expect to grow and be challenged to become your very best and reach your goals, as you are coached by him in getting started on the path of Commercial Real Estate sales success.