I’m often asked what does a Commercial Real Estate agent look like? And while that is not an easy question to answer — because it really depends on several things — there are some basic things to consider: If you look at the different product types Brokers specialize in, you’ll notice different looks. Think about it. The office specialty person is probably going to look and dress in a suit and tie. The industrial specialist is likely going to be in jeans — maybe even boots. The multi-family specialist is likely going to shadow the look of the owners/sellers — meaning if they are in a beach community, and the owners are dressed in shorts and flip flops, the broker may be dressed casual with shorts and a nice beach shirt. All of these things (location/environment, product) will determine dress codes.

Me personally, I am always going to do my best to mirror the seller/match the owner, but I want to be one step ahead in terms of dress — so if they are wearing a button-down shirt for example I’m going to keep my jacket on (no tie) but just a button down shirt. In other words, outdress them just a little bit is my preference. Remember, the most important part of looking commercial is to “look the part” of a successful professional.

What does that look like?

You don’t have to have a brand new Maserati (although let’s face it, that helps), but you do need to have a clean car, hair cut nicely, and clean cut look with a professional business attire. Most of the time – other than some of the situations I mentioned earlier where you’re reflecting the look of the seller – you need to remember that when the seller meets you for the first time, and is talking with you, they are going to think, “Do I want this person representing me and my portfolio?” If you are a residential real estate agent — or have been in the past — and you are both residential and commercial, at some point in your career, you are probably going to come to a crossroads where you have to define yourself.

What I mean by that is you will likely discover that your residential website not sufficient. You may try to do things like put a button on your residential website for commercial services, but is that sufficient? It may not be.

I know for me I noticed that my residential clients don’t seem to mind knowing that I do commercial sales, however some of my commercial investors really don’t like to hear about me selling homes so I made a conscious decision years ago to make everything look Commercial so when you pull up my name you really do not see anything Residential anymore These are some things you may want to start to think about.

When you Google your name, what do you see do you see? Do you see Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) for example? When checking, asking yourself, do I want my consumers to see what I’m seeing right now? It can take time to significantly change your online presence so it’s really something you want to start thinking about now.

To help you with this, be sure to download the checklist on How to Look Like a Commercial Real Estate Agent.


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